We offer a full range of foods with an extreme care in handling, mainly for refrigerated and frozen products.

We are the one with fruits and vegetables direct from producers, it warranted a better price and insuperable quality.

General Ship Supplier

(Deck, Engine, Cabin, Special Services, etc.)

With a specialized technical department, we are ready to offer products and solutions for each ship area. As IMPA ambassador in Argentina, we can ensure products according maritime standards and quality. Workshop: We can provide different services related with our workshop: rewiding service, calibration service, manufacture of special spare parts, repairing service, etc.

Nautical Charts and Publications

We are Official Authorized Dealer for ChartCo as first POD System (Print On Demand) in Argentina for distribution of Nautical Charts under UKHO rules. This method ensure updated Charts in insuperable time.

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+54 341 2221554
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Mr. Juan D. Salomón – CEO
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